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Meet Our Team

Organized by the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency 


Event Team:
Anne Brunet-Burgess, Canadian Cattle Identification Agency General Manager
Paul Laronde, Traceability Symposium Lead & Sponsorships
Kori Maki-Adair, Communications
Patt Evans, Event Coordinator
Zonita Salazar, Web 
Lesley Yakobchuk, Tours & Exhibits

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency is a not-for-profit, industry-initiated and led organization incorporated to establish a national beef and dairy cattle, bison and sheep identification program to support efficient trace back and containment of serious animal health and food safety concerns in the Canadian herd. The agency is led by a board of directors made up of representatives from all sectors of the livestock industry and it manages the Canadian Livestock Tracking System database, which is a trace-back system that maintains approved radio frequency identification tag information pertaining to the three pillars of traceability (i.e., animal identification, premises identification and movement), as well as value-assurance information (e.g., age verification).