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Cattleland Feedyards

Cattleland Feedyards Ltd. is a 25,000-head, full-service feedlot in the heart of Alberta’s cattle country. It includes feedlot, backgrounding and cow-calf operations as well as the Cattleland National Bull Evaluation Centre and the Integrated Beef Research Station.

  • The Cattleland National Bull Evaluation Centre is the largest of its kind in the world with a capacity of 5,000 head of sires. The Centre tests and exposes commercial cattlemen to superior genetics in a globally-recognized facility that can accommodate years of progeny testing and large commercial projects.
  • The Integrated Beef Research Station conducts exclusive and confidential trials to validate new pharmaceutical and feed ingredient products and protocols that enhance weight gain, have a health benefit or reduce handling and stress. The research facility can accommodate up to 13,000 head of research cattle.

This tour is geared to those interested in a scenic, one-hour drive east of Calgary to a full-service feedlot known for its best practices in nutrition, animal health and well-being, and environmental stewardship.