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Buffalo Horn Ranch

Buffalo Horn Ranch is located at Eagle Hill in the Rock Mountain Foothills, one hour northwest of Calgary.  After an absence of more than 100 years, owners Peter and Judy Haase reintroduced pure plains bison to the ranch, which is named for the numerous bison skulls, bones and horns that have been unearthed on the property. Today, the ranch averages 150 head of free-ranging, DNA-tested and registered pure plains bison.

Buffalo Horn Ranch manages its pastures using a rotational grazing program, frequently moving the herds to fresh pastures, which enables other pastures to regrow – maximizing grass quality for the bison. Buffalo Horn Ranch operates with an Environmental Farm Plan to promote environmental sustainability, and it is certified under the Canadian Bison On-Farm Food Safety Program, ensuring all measures are taken to produce a fresh, safe and health food product.

This tour is designed for individuals who wish to see the majestic pure plains bison, tour the massive corrals and sample bison meat in a scenic setting that is within view of an historic buffalo jump and First Nations encampment.