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Poster Registration and Guidelines

Event ended November 3rd 2016.



Traceability Symposium 2016 is about sharing ideas, innovation, expertise and philosophy.


General Guidelines:

1)  Present data using a visual medium with key messages, tables, graphs and/or    
     still photography for display on a 4’ x 8’ / 1.2m x 2.4m free-standing bulletin board,
     which will be supplied by the event host 
2)  Materials should be legible from a distance of ~3’ / 1m (i.e., minimum of 20-point for
     primary text font; 30-point for heading fonts)

Posters should include:
1)  Poster title
2)  Subject area
3)  Poster abstract, 50-word maximum
4)  Poster summary, 500-word maximum (references excluded)
5)  Presenter and co-author information
6)  University or business affiliation

Event Contact:

Toll-free telephone: 1-877-909-2333
Outside North America telephone: 1-403-275-2083

Entering Traceability Symposium poster competition is free of charge.

Though event attendance is not required, authors are encouraged to attend Traceability Symposium 2016 and may register online at

Should the author(s) be unable to attend, the submitter will be responsible to ensure Canadian Cattle Identification Agency receives the poster at 7646 – 8 Street N.E., Calgary, A.B., Canada, T2E 8X4 in printed “ready-to-present” condition by October 28, 2016 for entry into the competition.

Submitter Responsibilities

The individual submitting the poster will receive a notification to confirm Canadian Cattle Identification Agency has received the submission. The individual submitting the poster is responsible to ensure that all authors are aware the data is being presented at Traceability Symposium 2016, and notify all authors regarding the status of the poster entry (i.e., accepted or declined).

The individual submitting the poster for consideration must be one of the authors or have the authors’ consent to submit the data for the poster competition.  An individual may be a first author on one poster only, however the individual may be a co-author of other posters.

Should you require additional information, please contact the Traceability Committee at

Poster Award Ceremony

An independent panel will adjudicate Traceability Symposium 2016 poster competition and announce the first-place submission at a Poster Award Ceremony held the evening of Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre in Plaza 2 & 3, located at 1316 – 33 Street N.E., Calgary, A.B., Canada, T2A 6B6.

Click HERE to download the Research Poster Guidelines Printable Version